Does your company create an extraordinary culture and superstar employees?

“We are on the verge of the ‘Apathy and Lack of Engagement Decade,’” says Vistage speaker Gregg Lederman, Managing Partner at Brand Integrity, Inc.

Consider these staggering statistics: In March 2009, the Gallup organization found that only 30 percent of employees were engaged at work, 52 percent were not engaged, and 18 percent were so disengaged they regularly work against their organization’s goals.

In addition, research conducted by Brand Identity, Inc., shows that “Nearly 80 percent of leaders don’t feel that employees consistently demonstrate drive, energy and a focus on results.” This is also supported by 70 percent who don’t believe that employees are as committed as they should be to the growth of the business and increasing sales.

The message is clear—employees are unhappy at work, and companies are paying for it. “We are at a time when company employees need to care more than ever about the success of their enterprise. Much more focus on results is necessary to help companies make it through these difficult times,” Lederman says.

Though the ever-looming bottom line is a concern for many small business owners, culture and hiring can impact your return on investment more than you may realize.

“The greatest companies in the world, big or small, don’t worry about the bottom line because it is so epically good that there is nothing to say about it,” says Dave Logan, cofounder and senior partner of the management consulting firm CultureSync, and author of Tribal Leadership. “If you are really building a great company around values and vision that is going to make a serious impact in the world, you’re not going to have to worry about your revenue or your growth. Your challenge will be how to keep up with it.”

Encouragingly, the Q3 Vistage CEO Confidence Index showed that 46 percent of CEOs polled expect to increase their company’s total numbers in the next 12 months. In a time when the economy is in recovery (albeit a slower one), it is crucial for a small business owner to know the quality candidates to look for, and make sure their company has the right culture to attract, engage, and retain them.

This paper, “CREATING AN EXTRAORDINARY CULTURE AND SUPERSTAR EMPLOYEES” will outline the steps needed to develop an extraordinary culture, avoid the trap of apathy, and get the maximum engagement and productivity out of your employees.

About budjohnson

Mr. Johnson is a Vistage Chair in the Houston Metropolitan area for CE Group 3502, and HR Key Group 9139. In addition Mr. Johnson is the Co-Founder of the Accelerated Professional's program designed to help young professionals become "Business Savvy.....Presentation Capable. Mr. Johnson also works with private equity investors to evaluate corporate opportunities.
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