Videos You May Find Valuable

Video Clips for Meetings and Personal Enjoyment

(In no specific order)

Jack Welch – Final GE presentation (comes in 3 parts – total 18 min)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
RSA Animate – Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. – 11 minutes

Thought provoking animated story lines that will help create an “outside the box” discussion.

Daniel Pink – Daniel Pink on the surprising science of motivation – 18 minutes

The presentation makes a case that financial incentives and rewards do not necessary drive human motivation, individuals or team performance.

Seth GodinSeth Godin on the tribes we lead – 17 minutes

Godin talks and argues about ideas and transformational change that we all can become better leaders. A tribe approach is leading and connecting people everywhere thus creating a movement. He goes on to discuss the importance of finding the true believers.

Marshall Goldsmith – Leadership@google on the 20 bad habits leaders should stop – 60 minutes

This one of Google’s “Speaker Series” is an hour-long session. An excellent training and self-improvement opportunity for a team building exercise.

Jim Kouzes – Leadership@google on the Leaders Challenge – 16 minutes

This is another of Google’s “Speaker Series” one hour-long session. Kouzes interactive style merits viewing. He is a great story-teller and discusses “…why people should be following you.” Credibility on Leadership is everyone’s business. He’s an author, past CEO of Tom Peter’s Inc. and credible speaker worth viewing.

Scott Belsky – Making Ideas Happen – 18 minutes

Belsky is a meaningful video for people who start idea after idea with little commitment to execution. The talk touches on organization, accountability, influencing others and execution. Solid teaching and learning experience on how reactive we are today instead of being proactive and focus on 1st things 1st.

Tony Robbins – Why we do what we do, and how we can do it better – 22 minutes

Robbins questions the science of achievement, taking the invisible and making it visible. Mastering the art of fulfillment is his focus to-day. What is shaping us today? This is an excellent talk for getting outside of our comfort zone and understanding resourcefulness vs. missing resources.

Simon Sinek – How Great Leaders Inspire Action – Why – 18 minutes

Sinek discusses his beliefs in leadership and what is needed to motivate followers. An Interesting video, that is just the right length to view, then have a discussion on leadership, motivation and vision with your managers.

Nigel Marsh – How To Make Work Life Balance Work – 10 minutes

Marsh adds a lot of humor into a very difficult topic. Just how do you balance business commitments, personal relationships and one’s spiritual walk in today’s fast paced world? He makes everyone who is listening, ponder and rethink their priorities. Business owners would benefit from making sure their culture and vision are met by those that want a better balance in their lives.

Brene Brown – The Power of Vulnerability – 21 minutes

Brene is a funny lady and social service professional who is expanding our perceptions, purpose and meaning though connections.

Richard St. John – 8 Secrets of Success – 6 minutes

From, passion, fun to pushing yourself, St. John shares his key thoughts to share with your team and children. Question: Do people who do these things become successful because of doing them, or do successful people naturally tend to do these things?

Anita Renfroe – William Tell Momisms | Official Version – 3 minute song

This is a fun Segway into a discussion on personal issues, balance between business commitments, personal relationships and your spiritual walk.

The Story of Stuff – 20 minutes

This will make you laugh and it just may change the way you look at the stuff in your life forever.

The Story of a LOT of Different Stuff


William Ury – The walk from “no” to “yes” – 19 minutes

Ury has spent his life looking for the 18th camel or the 3rd side. How do we deal with our conflicts? This is a great video clip for business owners, presidents and CEOs looking for options in dealing with conflict within and outside of their companies.

Daniel Pinks – What’s your Sentence? – 3 minutes

Video clips of one’s legacy, “elevator speech” or over view. My sense is this would be a “spot on” lead in for a leader working out their “who am I”.

David Logan – Tribal leadership – 17 minutes

Logan discusses tribal councils and the 5 stages where work gets done. Not all tribes are the same. He believes the culture and their values make the difference. What is the impact and are you nudging your tribe forward. As people see the world they behave says Logan, who is a professor at USC, author and a management consultant. Well spoken, thought-provoking talk and well worth your viewing and sharing with your managers.

Elizabeth Gilbert – On nurturing creativity – 20 minutes

She asks her audience…Why are creative people undone by their gift? Gilberts is a young successful author of EAT, PLAY, LOVE and discusses how she nurtures her creativity in a very positive, upbeat approach to a difficult and dark subject.

Eric Berlow – How complexity leads to simplicity – 4 minutes

Interesting short video on complex vs. complicated and the importance of zooming out as you work on issues, problems or opportunities.

Itay Algam – Lead like the great conductors – 21 minutes

Algam shares the value of leadership through the eyes of a conductor of an orchestra.

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