Employees, Labor Law, and Where the Law May Be Taking Us

Wow, finally a break in the weather! Now if the atmosphere would cooperate, and provide us some rain the weather would be perfect. As I am always on the lookout for helpful information I thought the following articles/links may be of interest to you.

  • In September Fulbright & Jaworski hosted a joint Vistage meeting for Houston senior HR professionals. The meeting had three workshops plus an executive session to process issues. The first workshop titled “HR Roundtable 2012” was conducted by Hunter Lott (http://www.pleasesueme.com). The second workshop “Food Craves and How Food Effects our Health” was conducted by Dr. Joan Ifland of Victory Meals (click here). The third workshop titled “State Of the Unions: Where We Are and Where the Law May Be Taking Us” was conducted by Jeff Wray of Fulbright & Jaworski. Click here to read/download the presentation.
  • The power of outside, unbiased input is so powerful, click here to read a white paper on the value of a peer group;
  • Economist Brian Westbury contrasts the negative economic fantasies of the media versus the data reflecting the real economy (including just released data on surprisingly good retail sales) and concludes that the media is living in an “Economic Twilight Zone” that bears no resemblance to what’s ahead, even after factoring in Europe. Click here to check out his latest video;
  • You may also want to review the 3rd Quarter Vistage confidence survey by clicking here;
  • Additionally Roger Martin-Fagg’s 2011 September Economic Update is invaluable, click here;
  • While the Milton Freedman interview is 31 years old the message is more important today than it was 31 years ago – click here;
  • This past year we witnessed the power of social media to bring down the governments of Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya. Are tone deaf businesses next? Click here to read Forbes recent article “Social Power and the Coming Corporate Revolution.”

About budjohnson

Mr. Johnson is a Vistage Chair in the Houston Metropolitan area for CE Group 3502, and HR Key Group 9139. In addition Mr. Johnson is the Co-Founder of the Accelerated Professional's program designed to help young professionals become "Business Savvy.....Presentation Capable. Mr. Johnson also works with private equity investors to evaluate corporate opportunities.
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