What is the cost of your human Capital, and what are you doing to increase the value?

Recently our Houston area, senior HR peer advisory Group posed this question to our CEOs and our members. Below are some of the responses:


Human capital is the most important part and often the most expensive part of any organization. Your HR Leader is a critical part of your management team if getting the most out of your investment in people is a component of your business strategy. An HR leader that is knowledgeable in business practices can ensure that the company’s goals are achieved by:

  • Finding the right employees
  • Coaching your management team to build a culture of accountability and fairness to ensure that you get 100% from every employee
  • Ensuring that the organization structure matches the goals and objectives.
  • Developing leadership and skills programs to match the business needs
  • Recommending competitive salary and benefit structures to retain employees

HR focused Vistage Groups provide best practice training in these critical areas as well as peer support for addressing issues.

Marc DuPont, CPA | Chief Financial Officer

PCCA | 9901 South Wilcrest Dr. | Houston, TX 77099-5132


Vistage has positively impacted PCCA for over a decade now.  During that time our company has quadrupled in revenues and has seen our bottom line margins grow significantly.  While many factors go into creating a super company, it would be difficult to argue that any single influence has shaped us more than Vistage.

We have staff involved in CEO and Key Executive groups in the USA, Canada and Australia.  Our HR Director, Katrina Keys, has grown from the experiences of her HR-focused Key Executive group.  Her level of engagement in our organization has been enhanced.  Vistage has given Katrina a platform to sharpen the valuable talents she brings to PCCA and a place to broaden and leverage her own knowledge through the experience of others.

I wholeheartedly endorse Vistage.  Certainly I am biased in my assessment, but only because our experience with Vistage has brought us the results we are looking for to grow our company through growing our people.

Jim Smith | President

PCCA | 9901 South Wilcrest Dr. | Houston, TX 77099-5132

Vistage for H R Leaders


Here are some of my thoughts on the potential value of Vistage for HR Leaders. Value can be derived in a number of different ways but the premise is that one leader can benefit from the knowledge and experiences of his/her peers. I do believe it will require a perspective on the part of the company’s leadership to utilize HR in a strategic manner. Here are some of the ways I believe HR can be utilized to drive organizations forward, and ways an HR leader can benefit from discussions with HR peers:

  1. Best practices in reducing turnover and improving employee alignment and engagement;
  1. Change management – organizations must change to obtain or retain leadership positions in their markets. Change to a company’s culture is often required and such change begins with the people in the organization, which can be influenced by the HR Leader;
  1. Dealing with the changing landscape in health care benefits and the increasing costs and regulatory framework;
  2. Employee training and development. Understanding what is working and not working at other companies;
  1. Specific key employee issues and compensation packages for U.S. employees working abroad, C-Ievel officers, etc.
    1. Ways to incentivize employees of private companies, including incentive plans such as restricted stock, options, SARS, phantom stock, ESOPs, etc.
  2. Dealing with acquisition related employee issues such as integrating benefit plans, 401(k) plans, non-compete and confidentiality agreements, employment agreements, etc.

These are just a few of the obvious ones. I’m happy to discuss further. Best,


Mark Carmen President

Universal Weather & Aviation, Inc.


“One of the reasons I support Vistage membership for my chief human resources officer is because of the benefits gained from regular meetings with industry experts and peers.  It’s my belief that this association creates a competitive advantage for our organization.”

Dr. Jenney

What does Vistage Mean to Me?

  • HR Leadership & Resource Forum
  • Executive HR Leadership Group
  • Local Network of HR Executives

P. Everett

Meaning of Vistage:

Empowering HR leaders to be true Business Partners of the organization through making your company and its people more efficient

Camille Robinson

Vistage – a non-threatening environment of HR peers to help you troubleshoot ideas before you implement then you your organization.

John Frossard

Vistage is a dynamic networking group that provides an active resource to help grow and develop the HR function within my company


What is Vistage?

A formal and structured growth, development and relationship experience that provides top tier experts and peer based consulting to senior HR leaders.

Steve Ginsburgh

About budjohnson

Mr. Johnson is a Vistage Chair in the Houston Metropolitan area for CE Group 3502, and HR Key Group 9139. In addition Mr. Johnson is the Co-Founder of the Accelerated Professional's program designed to help young professionals become "Business Savvy.....Presentation Capable. Mr. Johnson also works with private equity investors to evaluate corporate opportunities.
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