How can you improve your bottom line?


The future of tomorrow’s businesses will be determined by tomorrow’s leaders – today’s young professionals. The Accelerated Professionals program “LAUNCHES LEADERS.” The program develops employees who you want to be your company’s leaders. To be a business leader one must understand business and be able to communicate with confidence with the C-suite, and the employees they manage. Graduates of the program gain communication, leadership, selling, and strategic skills and how to apply these skills utilizing the basics of business measurements – P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Forecasts, & Key Indicators.


Accelerated Professionals (
provides unique training programs for young professionals that combine the principals of business with public speaking techniques. Students that participate and complete the program have the training and the confidence to communicate as a leader in the language of the C-suite.


“The greatest change I’ve seen in Deborah over the course of the training is a significant improvement in her poise and confidence.  Her presentation style is much stronger, while still showing through her sweet personality.  She is more thoughtful in her dialogue.  She is seeking out feedback and is both quick and delighted to act upon it.  For someone who’s been with us only 7 months, she’s performing at a much higher level than expected.  She’s doing now (sales performance wise) what I expected after at least a year- year and a half.”  – Sheryl A. Lyons, MBA, CEO

What is your return on your investment in developing your young professionals? The Accelerated Professionals program’s purpose is to accelerate the development of today’s young leaders – LAUNCH their CAREERS. Your ROI can be calculated using the charts below for those individuals who complete the program and have accelerated their leadership growth.

Example: Yearly Salary of $50,000, accelerate performance by five months is a ROI of 8.6 and a savings of $29,000.

About budjohnson

Mr. Johnson is a Vistage Chair in the Houston Metropolitan area for CE Group 3502, and HR Key Group 9139. In addition Mr. Johnson is the Co-Founder of the Accelerated Professional's program designed to help young professionals become "Business Savvy.....Presentation Capable. Mr. Johnson also works with private equity investors to evaluate corporate opportunities.
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