Accelerated Professionals

Accelerated Professionals

We Help You Build Confidence & Upward Mobility By Helping You Over Come Your Fear of Public Speaking, While Teaching Leadership, Strategy & Profit Principles Along With Communication & Selling Skills

You will learn how to see the Big Picture and create sound value for your company while positioning yourself for higher earning potential

  • Features:
    • Basics of Balance Sheet/Income Statement/Ratios
    • Leadership
    • Strategy/Vision/Planning
    • Present in front of your peers with confidence
  • Benefits:
    • Learn what makes your company successful
    • Get over fear of speaking & let your real ideas shine through
    • Build self-confidence
    • Create win/win relationships
    • Positive career focus
    • Find your true value to the company
    • Ability to streamline & improve business processes
    • Turn Work into part of your mission (your personal plan)
    • Become a greater oriented young professional w/higher earning potential

The program consists of seven sessions of three hours per week for seven weeks.  The scheduled sessions include:

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