How can you improve your bottom line?


The future of tomorrow’s businesses will be determined by tomorrow’s leaders – today’s young professionals. The Accelerated Professionals program “LAUNCHES LEADERS.” The program develops employees who you want to be your company’s leaders. To be a business leader one must understand business and be able to communicate with confidence with the C-suite, and the employees they manage. Graduates of the program gain communication, leadership, selling, and strategic skills and how to apply these skills utilizing the basics of business measurements – P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Forecasts, & Key Indicators.


Accelerated Professionals (
provides unique training programs for young professionals that combine the principals of business with public speaking techniques. Students that participate and complete the program have the training and the confidence to communicate as a leader in the language of the C-suite.


“The greatest change I’ve seen in Deborah over the course of the training is a significant improvement in her poise and confidence.  Her presentation style is much stronger, while still showing through her sweet personality.  She is more thoughtful in her dialogue.  She is seeking out feedback and is both quick and delighted to act upon it.  For someone who’s been with us only 7 months, she’s performing at a much higher level than expected.  She’s doing now (sales performance wise) what I expected after at least a year- year and a half.”  – Sheryl A. Lyons, MBA, CEO

What is your return on your investment in developing your young professionals? The Accelerated Professionals program’s purpose is to accelerate the development of today’s young leaders – LAUNCH their CAREERS. Your ROI can be calculated using the charts below for those individuals who complete the program and have accelerated their leadership growth.

Example: Yearly Salary of $50,000, accelerate performance by five months is a ROI of 8.6 and a savings of $29,000.

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Are you trying to win or trying to not lose?

Washington and Lincoln on Management:

“My observation is that whenever one person is found adequate to the discharge of a duty, it is worse executed by two persons, and scarcely done at all if three or more are employed therein.”

George Washington

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

Abraham Lincoln


Abraham Lincoln, Deal Guy

Econ Recon: Still Plowing Along…Your Peers’ Take on the Economy….Canada Can, Can We?

You: Trying to win or to not lose

The Man Behind The Arches

Abraham Lincoln, Deal Guy

Lincoln has received enormous publicity in recent months due to the Steven Spielberg movie on his crusade to pass the 13th amendment to the constitution.  Aside from George Washington, it would be difficult to find a president held in higher regard.   Lincoln has more than a little to teach CEOs.  For a quick overview, check out these article:  The first  “Making The Biggest Deals- Abraham Lincoln style” offers three lessons on negotiation drawn from major events of Lincoln’s presidency.    If you want some general leadership wisdom from our sixteenth president, check out Lincoln: Five Leadership Lessons.

 Econ Recon: Still Plowing Along…Your Peers’ Take on the Economy….Canada Can, Can We?

Still Plowing Along:   Despite the constant gloom of the mainstream media about the economy  (most notably regarding a stubbornly  high unemployment rate),  the fact is that the economy and total employment  (not the unemployment rate) have been improving for three and a half years; albeit at unacceptably slow  pace.   Economist Brian Wesbury looks why our growth is so slow and explains why we seem stuck with a   Plow Horse State of the Economy.

Your Peers Take on the Economy:  The Q4 results for the Vistage Confidence Index are now available.  Click here for a sense of how Vistage CEO see the economy in the coming year.

Canada Can….Can We? :  Looking for a developed country that seems to have its house in order?  Look up  (on the map, that is).   Vistage Staff Economist  and Institute for Trend Research principal  Alan Beaulieu takes a quick look at our neighbor to the north and points out a few lessons we could learn from them.  

Are you trying to win…. or to not lose?

The most important thing for all of us to manage is ourselves.  To that end, the first question to ask is “Who am I?”  A recent HBR article suggests that each of us is either promotion-focused or prevention-focused in our orientation: In other words,  do I know if I am the kind of person who is trying to win…or I am usually trying to not lose?  This is profound information to have about ourselves and those we report to,  or those who report to us. . Click here for the article.

The Man Behind The Arches

If asked who was the man who made McDonald’s
what it is, most business people automatically say Ray Kroc, who saw a terrific opportunity that the original McDonald’s brothers did not.  True, but every business needs not only a visionary, but also a missionary….someone who lives the brand and whose zeal demands unbending adherence by all to the founder’s vision.

Such was the role of Fred Turner, Former Chairman and CEO of McDonald’s, who died in January at age 80.    Turner started off running a grill at a McDonalds, became operations manager in 1958 and CEO in 1973.     The Economist Magazine runs one obituary each month, almost always of someone not well known who nevertheless had a significant influence in their chosen field.  In January, they chose Fred TurnerTake a moment and read this missionary’s obit.   Who is the “Fred Turner” in your company?  Do you have one?

Reprinted by permission by Allen Hauge

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How do companies benefit from their senior HR executive being part of our Vistage Group?

STRATEGY, FINANCE, or PEOPLE, which is most important for the success of your company/business?  I would argue that all three are a necessity and if you forget, or ignore, any one of the three you will never achieve your company’s true potential.  The head of HR should be on the executive team to develop/align the human capital needs to make your company the most competitive in your industry.  Read the comments from executives who have members:

Michelle Biggs Mark Carmen Marc DuPont Lizzie Dragon Jim Smith Dave Sparks

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Are you attracting top talent?

Are you attracting, hiring and retaining top employees? If not, you may want to read the article below and enroll your leaders of tomorrow in the January 18th Accelerated Professionals program (click here).

Why Workers Leave (It’s Usually Not About The Money)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The biggest reason young, talented workers leave for new jobs? They’re not learning enough, writes Diane Stafford of the Kansas City Star:

“Hirers often complain that their young workers jump ship quickly. A study published this summer in the Harvard Business Review confirmed that young top performers—the workers that organizations would most like to stick around—are leaving in droves.

Researchers found that high achievers, 30 years old on average with great school and work credentials, are leaving their employers after an average of 28 months. Furthermore, three-quarters of them admit to sending out resumes, contacting search firms and interviewing for jobs at least once a year during their first employment. And 95 percent said they regularly watch for potential employers.

Multiple studies find that today’s younger workers have absolutely no intention of sticking around if they don’t feel like they’re learning, growing and being valued in a job. Beth N. Carver, a consultant who has spent 12 years researching exit interviews, finds that a loss of training opportunities and a lack of mentors in the workplace are two of the biggest reasons why young workers leave.

‘Companies need to recognize that these young workers are very mobile,’ Carver said. ‘They have to understand that they want a personal and clearly articulated career path.’ With their social media skills and easy access to job postings on the Web, they don’t have to work hard at all to find new opportunities, Carver said. ‘Sometimes changing jobs is about money,’ her exit interview research reveals. ‘Sometimes it’s because the job isn’t what they thought it was going to be. More often, they weren’t getting the personal attention, the mentoring, the coaching, the training they wanted.'” Read more here.

Learning new skills is what people want and expect from work these days, and employers who would like to hire and retain the best talent would be wise to create an environment in which learning is first

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Hard work, perseverance, smarts, are they Keys to success?

“A desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world.”

John le Carre’

Author of “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy” and many other thrillers.


“The Men Who Built America”

A Little Badly Needed Electoral Fun

Econ Recon:  No Recession Yet

Your Life:  Forget Balance….go for Blend

“The Men Who Built America”

Jay Gould, Cornelius Vanderbilt, John D. Rockefeller Sr., Jim Fiske, J.P. Morgan, Andrew Carnegie?    Most business people are either completely ignorant of them of them, or have only a passing acquaintence with their names,  but no real appreciation for  what they did.  In the half century between the end of the Civil War and the beginning of the First World War, these men created the very foundations of the modern American economy with their genius, cunning, hard work and not infrequently tactics which, perfectly legal at the time, would land a CEO in jail today.

If you’d like an overview of these individuals, how they made the world you live in and a few lessons on competitive strategy,   I encourage you to watch a new History Channel Series,  “The Men Who Made America.”   Those who feel business is not suffciently regulated today would be shocked to see what was permitted  a hundred years ago.  Every literate business person should be familiar with the achievements of this remarkable group of men.

For those of you looking for a comparable female player in the business history of 1800’s America, check out the story of Hetty Green, known, perhaps uncharitably, in her day as “The Witch of Wall Street.”   She deserves to be better known than she is as she was clearly one of the shrewest and most feared operators on a Wall Street that had few rules.   When she died in 1916 at the advanced age of 82, she was worth $100 million…..or $2.5 billion today.  She had an uncanny ability to buy at the bottom and sell at the top and is considered to be one of the early examples of the “value investing” school that Warren Buffett  has become synonymous with.  Check out a brief overview of her life by clicking here.

A Little  Electoral Fun

With a major election in just a few weeks, voters of every political persuasion need a break from the daily mud slinging that has come to characterize American political races .  To that end, here are the top ten quips exchanged by Obama and Romney at the Annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner which has become a merciful respite from the campaign in recent elections.  During this dinner the candidates poked fun at themselves and each other in a way that you can only wish was the standard operating procedure for the campaign at all times. If you’d like to watch the entire 40 minute interchange, click here. Enjoy!

Econ Recon: No Recession Yet

If this presidential election is about anything, it’s about the economy in general and housing and jobs in particular.   First Trust Economist Brian Wesbury and Vistage Staff Economist and Institute for Trend Research Presient Alan Beaulieu
feel that the overall economy is in no danger of a serious recession in the near term.   Wesbury holds that there is “No Recession Yet” in his most recent Wesbury 101 video.”     Alan Beaulieu’s most recent blog posts takes us on a deeper dive into the housing and employment numbers and finds an economy that should continue to grow, albeit sluggishly, for some months.

Your Life:  Forget Balance….go for Blend

Those over 50 may well remember a time when the promise of technology was an ever increasing amount of leisure.   Instead many of us find ourselves working harder than we ever thought we might have to (assuming we have a job).   Technology has increasingly reduced the amount of time required for repetitive , automatable jobs while amping up the time required for things that only humans can do such as colloborate, commuicate and create.   The resulting time pressure has created demand for more work-life balance and strategies for attaining it.   At least one thinker on the subject, however, has decided we should Forget Work-Life Balance: It’s Time for Work-Life Blend  Check it out…..maybe this is your future.

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Why, according to the Harvard Business Review, do 2 out of 5 CEOs fail in their first 18 months?


What a question! As an experienced CEO since the late 80’s of a variety of different companies, and now a C level coach and Vistage Chair for CEOs and senior executives, a recent article in Psychology Today is thought provoking. It is my experience that being a CEO is very lonely. Employees want to please the CEO and often don’t tell the CEO what he/she needs to hear. The Board of Directors wants leadership and solutions to the challenges facing the business. Consultants, while very valuable, have no skin in the game; they make their living by selling their views.

“Those who failed to oppose me… who readily agreed with me and accepted all my views…were those who did me the most injury.”  Napoleon Bonaparte

When you have a few minutes you may want to read the recent article by Ray Williams published in Psychology Today. You can read the article online by clicking here or download the article by clicking here.

If you would like to discuss how you could benefit from working with an executive coach click here.

Making it Happen: Hoosier Economics:    One of the unique things about the United States is that we have 50 separate laboratories in which to conduct experiments exploring which economic policies work and which don’t.   Vistage Staff Economist and Institute for Trend Research principal Alan Beaulieu recently made a presentation to one of our Vistage Indiana groups at which its governor, Mitch Daniels, was present.

In a conversation with Alan, Governor Daniels shared what Indiana has done to turn its economy and state finances around.   Alan’s recent blog, “It Can Happen”,   offers a brief summary of that conversation.


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What can you do to be the most competitive business in your industry?

Vistage Inside accelerates the leadership and talent development of senior teams. We help you build your plan for your unique company and help you successfully implement your plan in the shortest time possible.

Vistage is the leading CEO world organization transforming companies and their leaders to be the most competitive businesses in their industry. Click here to find out the value of Vistage Inside. Click here to find out more about Vistage Inside.

If you are a senior HR executive, or a CEO send me an e-mail, and we will contact you. We have a very limited number of invitations to the 2012 Vistage All-City event, if you would like to receive an invitation send me an e-mail.

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