Houston Trusted Advisers – Vistage TA Group


We are recognized by the business community as the most reliable source for business support services.  Executives are confident that our members will supply value added services that meet the business executive’s expectations for business services.  Members are committed to implementing and maintaining a collective Group of individuals that continually strives to improve the level of supplied business services.


Our trusted advisor group provides business services to the owners & CEOs of small to medium size businesses ($5 to $1,000 million revenue).  We work together to help each other become better leaders, making better decisions, and obtaining better results.  We are committed to helping each of us build our businesses.  We are able to refer our members to provide services to others because of the trust our group has in each member.


  • Establish and maintain a Group of 16 to 18, non-competitive, service providers for all segments of business services.
  • Provide qualified referrals to other members each month (referrals will be measured as key performance indicators [KPIs], and are a condition in continued membership in the Group).
  • Help members find solutions to challenges & opportunities.
  • Review and challenge each members business plan, individual development, and life/work balance/flexibility.
  • Each member will commit to, and attend no less than 8 of the 10 monthly meetings.


Our TA Group is committed to continual improvement to achieve our UBP.  Each quarter we will review, modify, and implement our Group’s business plan and each member’s business plan to ensure success of all.  The following are the initial strategic actions:

  • Use the Vistage platform to form the Group with Bud Johnson and Jay Curry as Co-Chairs.
  • Meet once per month for 4 hours at a centrally agreed location with each member acting as host in rotation.
  • Select members and form Group with 8+ members before the May 14th Vistage All City meeting.
  • Design, and implement a Group member identification and qualification program.

[i] Description or Unique Business Proposition (UBP, what the Group does uniquely well)

[ii] Purpose (why the company is in business, focused on the customer)

[iii] Goal (the overall goals of the company, usually 3-year or 5-year)

If you are interested in applying for membership in our Group please complete our questionnaire (Click Here).  Please send the completed questionnaire by e-mail to bud.johnson@vistage.com. 

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